Discover a new form of hydropower
EQA-River: Floating hydropower installation, built from reused plastics
EQA-SmartWeir: Electricity producing "Smart" Weir
EQA-Box: Providing sustainable energy everywhere!
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The water mill is back.

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In a new, modern form.

With our earth always rotating, water is in a constant state of movement. For centuries, mankind has harnessed this movement of water as a reliable form of energy. EQA-Projects strives to return this proven and reliable source of energy in a modern form.

The various EQA Hydropower innovations can contribute to the global transition to clean sustainable energy. Using recycled plastics for its construction, this form of sustainable energy has one of the lowest Co2 outputs per generated kilowatt-hour.

The EQA-Waterwheel utilised in our installations is a free flow installation and has a low rotational speed, thus ensuring the safety fish living in our waters.

Easy to install, reliable, fish safe and economical production of sustainable energy from hydropower. These are the key elements of the EQA-Hydropower installations.

We have one earth, 1.4 million km³ of water. Lets make more use of it!

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Waterschap Rivierenland neemt de eerste EQA Smart stuw in gebruik
"Electricity will become an important element of water management"
Johan Bakker
Johan Bakker
Director of Innovation Waterschap Rivierenland
EQA Projects is coached by the Topsector Water
EQA-Projects is supported by VP Delta Dutch Water Innovations